2 EURO / The Latvia de iure 100 / BU

2 EURO / The Latvia de iure 100 / BU 2 EURO / The Latvia de iure 100 / BU
Type: copper-clad steel
Material: copper-clad steel
Issuance Date: 2021
Month: January
Nominal Value: 2 EUR
Maximum Mintage: 5 000
Quality: Proof like
Weight (g): 8.50
Diameter (mm): 25.75


Seller Price
baltcoin.lv 24.00  [16.87 Ls] new Go to site
Vladimir 19.00  [13.35 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Olegs 22.00  [15.46 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Vlad 18.00  [12.65 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Eurogold 25.00  [17.57 Ls] new Go to site
Rns 22.00  [15.46 Ls] new Go to site
Vadim 21.00  [14.76 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Юрий 21.00  [14.76 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Lilita 23.00  [16.16 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Anatolijs 20.00  [14.06 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Jānis 22.00  [15.46 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Rigonda 20.00  [14.06 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Andris 20.00  [14.06 Ls] old Collector's cabinet
Jānis 20.00  [14.06 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Viktors 0.00  [0.00 Ls] old Collector's cabinet
Proof 25.00  [17.57 Ls] Collector's cabinet
ivis 25.00  [17.57 Ls] old Collector's cabinet
Edgars 20.00  [14.06 Ls] old Collector's cabinet


Buyer Price
baltcoin.lv 10.00 €  [7.03 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Vladimir 17.00 €  [11.95 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Andrejs 18.00 €  [12.65 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
Proof 17.00 €  [11.95 Ls] new Collector's cabinet
coins777 15.00 €  [10.54 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Olegs 17.00 €  [11.95 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Juris 17.00 €  [11.95 Ls] Collector's cabinet
Dmitriy 17.00 €  [11.95 Ls] old Collector's cabinet
Ieva 14.00 €  [9.84 Ls] old Collector's cabinet

World War I brought fundamental changes to the political map of Europe. Several new states were established, including the Republic of Latvia which was proclaimed in Riga on 18 November 1918. This date is embedded in the nation's historical consciousness as Latvia's birthday. However, the War of Independence continued in Latvia. In 1920, the Latvian Government gained full control over the entire territory of Latvia. From then on, intensive diplomatic efforts to attain Latvia's international de iure recognition were launched.
On 26 January 1921, at 5 p.m., the Supreme Council of Allied Powers in Paris notified the Latvian delegation that Latvia had received the international de iure recognition. This granted Latvia the status of a subject of international law and opened the door for Latvia to enter the League of Nations. Latvians have always remained united by their sense of nationhood, love for their homeland, and the national anthem "God Bless Latvia!"; during the years of the Soviet and Nazi occupation, the legal continuity of the Latvian statehood was preserved by Latvia's diplomats in the Western countries. The restoration of Latvia's independence and further strengthening of its statehood is an achievement confirming that Latvia's de iure recognition is irrevocable. Happy anniversary to Latvia!
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