Комплект "Barok и Art Deco"

Комплект \
Тип: Серебрянная монета
Материал: Серебро 925°
Год выпуска: 2017
Месяц выпуска: декабрь
Максимальный тираж: 180
Качество: Proof


Продавец Цена
JJ 300.00  [210.84 Ls] старое Кабинет коллекционера
JJ 350.00  [245.98 Ls] старое Кабинет коллекционера
Игорь 400.00  [281.12 Ls] старое Кабинет коллекционера


Покупатель Цена
baltcoin.lv 45.00 €  [31.63 Ls] новое Кабинет коллекционера
Ivars 70.00 €  [49.20 Ls] Кабинет коллекционера
Janar 0.00 €  [0.00 Ls] старое Кабинет коллекционера
Игорь 0.00 €  [0.00 Ls] старое Кабинет коллекционера

The set features the following coins:
Baroque of Courland (2014);
Baltars. Porcelain (2016).
Outstanding values of Latvia's cultural heritage have been the source of inspiration for these collector coins, representing masterpieces of two different styles of art. The end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century was a time of flourishing architecture and decorative art in Courland, and churches in Courland are among the greatest treasures created in Latvia in the period of historical styles. As to the Latvian cultural landscape of the 1920ies, an impressive and rich contribution was created by "Baltars", the workshop where fine china was artistically painted, with Cubist reflections, the visual composition so typical for Constructivism, and interconnections in tune with Art Deco.

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