London Olympic games 2012

London Olympic games 2012 London Olympic games 2012
Type: Silver coin
Material: Silver 925°
Issuance Date: 2011
Nominal Value: 50 Lt
Maximum Mintage: 5 000
Quality: Proof
Weight (g): 28.28
Diameter (mm): 38.61
Graphic design: Rūta Ona Čigriejūtė
Minted: Lietuvos monetų kalykla (Lithuania)

The obverse of the coin carries an image of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania (Vytis) in a shield. The inscriptions LIETUVA (Lithuania) and 2011 are arranged in a semi-circle around. The inscription 50 LITŲ (50 litas) is inscribed below a symbolic image of sails.  

The reverse of the coin illustrates a branch of Olympic sports—sailing. The inscription LONDONAS (London) 2012 is arranged in a semi-circle on the edge. A double (latent) image is incorporated into one of the sails on the left side of the coin. When the coin is viewed at a certain angle, the image elements can be seen: the logo of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee and the number XXX.

On the edge of the coin: VĖJO (WE NEED WIND) and stylized sails.

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